Gender Parity

Gender Parity at work

Treating all men and women fairly at work is aligned with international human rights principles. It also translates into better talent acquisition, greater retention and satisfaction of employees, higher productivity and better decision making. Eliminating all forms of discrimination in corporate policies, strategies, culture and practices is a solid step forward on the path of WEP implementation in the enterprise.
Women are half the population
We promote gender parity at work 50%

Integral approach

Our comprehensive approach to gender parity in the workplace covers a wide range of topics.

Design and implementation

We hold workshops to disseminate good practices in recruitment, job promotion, and the elimination of salary gaps.

Integral Approach

We incorporate these themes into the company’s strategy:

Wage gap

Leadership representation

Gender balance in the company

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Work-Life Balance

Gender sensitive language

Integration of LGBTI+ rights

Harassment-free work culture.

suggestions to  reduce   eliminate the gender labor gap

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