We promote ethical entrepreneurship

Gender equality at work

We generate a valid process for all companies regardless of their size, business model, product, legal brands or dynamics of the sector. 

Data analyisis

and management

Data are the new oil. We help companies understand, visualise and apply data to drive change. 

Strategic advice

and consultancy services

We propose a theory of change and co-build a roadmap with quantifiable and measurable results.

Let us change the world one step at a time

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This is Áurea's commitment: to increase the participation of women in areas of high added value
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Gender equality at work

Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation

Responsible Innovation for SMEs

Artificial Intelligence

Our proposed roadmap

Get involved!

It all starts with the understanding that there are many ways of looking at things. Our approach of team work, co-build and co-design helps visualising the same situation from different angles, and arriving to a cohesive and sustainable solution.

1. Identify

Once we see a situation,

we cannot unsee it

2. Interpret

Understand why are we in this situation and what can we do to change it, in a sustainable way

3. Measure

Quantify, explicit numerically 

4. Transform

Develop an action plan to arrive to our goals and keep all stakeholders informed of developments.

Webinars, workshops and executive training

Áurea Lab

We offer a variety of webinars, workshops, and executive training specifically designed to advance gender equality in businesses and organizations.

For each topic, we explore cultural, political and economic aspects.

Our services are available in virtual format and vary between an hour and a full day.

Some webinars are available online in our YouTube channel.




We design sustainable action plans to drive change within firms and organisations.


Together we create a roadmap to gender equality tailored to your company.


We measure and inform change to support continuous improvement.


We produce events, marketing and communication actions to promote gender equality in the company


We create and design materials that support the shift towards gender equality at the workplace.


We carry out sector studies and evaluations of new scenarios for firms and organizations with an ethical and sustainable focus.

Our work is specially aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals:


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